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You do not need to become the expert of Maths to clear the maths section in any exam. If difficulties in solving mathematical questions is becoming an obstacle for you to clear the exams, then Examcart Short Maths is the right book for you. How can we say that? well because, as the name suggests, it has magical short-tricks which provides you correct and effective technique for preparing for various competitive exams. You can easily score better. Consequently, you can effortlessly clear the Maths section of any exam like bank exams, Police exams, any defence exams, etc.

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What the Book is all About?

Experts has designed this ‘Short Maths: The Secrets of Maths Shortcuts’ textbook for all one day competitive exams. It gives you all the coverage which is required for completing the Maths section for any exam. This book includes ample amount of wonderful shortcuts. These shortcuts will not only just help you solve the questions on time. But will also help you to remember the formulae on tips. Let’s understand more about this book.

Features of Examcart Short Maths

The Short Maths book possess some salient features which is very important for you to understand

Features of Examcart Short Maths

1) Concise and Targeted Content:

This books provides concise explanations of mathematical concepts. It also ensuring that students can quickly grasp the essential points rather than wasting time on covering the extra topics.

2) Wide Range of Topics:

Beside from providing the concise explanation, it has a diverse range of mathematical topics, including Simple and Compound Interest, Speed, Distance and time, and more.

3) Practice Questions:

The presented book contains a variety of practice questions designed to reinforce understanding. Moreover, it also helps to build your confidence in mathematical abilities.

4) Progressive Difficulty Levels:

The books are structured to gradually increase in difficulty. This allows learners to build their skills from the basics to more advanced maths related challenges.

5) Real-Life Applications:

The book includes countless examples and scenarios to demonstrate how problem solving skills should apply in everyday situations, enhancing the relevance and applicability of the content.

6) Manages Your Time:

Content is present in such a strategic way which will efficiently aid you to manage your time during exams. Furthermore, you can also maximize your performance by solving questions within the allotted time.

7) Secrets of Shortcuts:

Helpful tips, shortcuts, and techniques are shared in this Short Maths book to aid you in solving questions more effectively and efficiently.

Why Choose Examcart Short Maths Book?

Now, that you know about the features of the book, let’s understand that what makes this book so unique and best that you should definitely give it a must try.

Why Choose Examcart Short Maths Book?

1) Comprehensive Coverage

Covering a wide range of maths related topics, this books provides you specific yet full coverage to all the topics which are important from the exam point of view.

2) Effective Practice

Each topic in this book is packed with a variety of practice questions that help reinforce understanding and build confidence in your mathematical abilities. Consequently, this extensive and relevant practice makes you the master of the subject and is crucial for success in maths-based exams.

3) Proper Explanation

The presented book contains step by step explanation of each basic concept to give you clarity about the subjects and its related topics. Clearing the concepts is very important. So, this book not only allows you to practice but also explains the solutions to you.

4) Countless Examples

Book without examples is like food without salt. The more examples are there, the more you will be able to understand. So, the Short Maths book includes a lot of examples which surely you cannot find in any other book.

5) Amazing Shortcuts

Along with explaining the topics and providing the questions to practice, the book also includes wonderful shortcuts that will make you an expert of Maths subject in less time. Any student who has the basic knowledge can easily clear this section of any exam if they study from this book. Moreover, these shortcuts are not common shortcuts which you can find elsewhere. All these shortcuts are prepared in such a manner that once you will learn them, you can easily clear the maths section of several exams. This secrets of Maths shortcuts make this book the most unique and best.

Where to Buy Examcart Short Maths Book?

Examcart Short Maths book is available on every platform. So you can purchase it from a variety of sources, both online and offline. You can also directly buy the combo by just visiting the Examcart’s official website or for your convenience, we have also given you a direct link to buy the book.

But, before purchasing, make sure to verify the authenticity of the seller or platform to ensure you receive genuine Examcart Short Maths book.

Examcart Short Maths Books FAQs

Q1: What are short maths book?

Ans. Short Maths book is concise study materials that focuses specifically on improving problem solving skills. It covers useful concepts, provides practice questions, and offers solutions to help students prepare for exams that require strong mental abilities.

Q2: Who can benefit from short Maths book?

Ans. Short maths book is beneficial for students preparing for exams that include mathematical sections or topics.

Q3: What topics do Short Maths books typically cover?

Ans. Short Maths book covers a wide range of topics,- Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Speed, Distance, both Time and Work, Arithmetic problems and more.

Q4: How do short maths books help improve performance in exams?

Ans. Short maths book offers focused content, extensive practice questions, and detailed solutions. Moreover, By studying and practicing with this book, students can strengthen their mathematical abilities, leading to improved performance in exams.

Q5: Can I use short maths books for self-study?

Ans. Yes, you ca use short maths book for independent study as it provides clear explanations that without coaching any student can pass its exam.

Q6: Are short maths books suitable for all age groups?

Ans. Short Maths book is targeted towards both students and individuals preparing for exams with maths sections.

Q7: Can I use short maths book for competitive exams?

Ans. Yes, short maths book is particularly valuable for competitive exams that assess mathematical skills.

Q8: How do I choose the right short maths book for my needs?

Ans. Consider factors such as the specific exam you are preparing for, and the level of difficulty you require. So, look for books with a comprehensive coverage of topics, ample practice questions, and clear explanations.

Q9: Can I find online resources or other study materials with short maths book?

Ans. No, there is no such things with Examcart Short Maths but we do have a free sample PDF which you can checkout from Examcart’s website before buying the book.

Q10: Is Short Maths book regularly updated with the latest exam patterns?

Ans. Experts and editorial team often update Short Maths book to ensure they align with the both latest exam patterns and syllabus of several exams.

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