Netarhat Awasiya Vidyalaya Exam

Netarhat Awasiya Vidyalaya is one of the prestigious and finest schools for the students who want to study in class 6. The state government of Jharkhand had created an Executive Committee called Netarhat Vidyalya Samiti which is in charge of running all the administrative work. Moreover, the school is completly based on the Gurukul method and establed by the that time Bihar state government. But now, after the separation of Jharkhand from Bihar, the state government of Jharkhand has prescribed all the rules and policies for the school. So, to get selected for the admission, students need to qualify the entrance exam. However, the officials has released the notification related to the entrance exam for 2023-2024 session. All the details related to the notification you can check by visiting Netarhat Entrance Exam 2024 Notification article.

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In this blog, we have shared all the details related to the exam syllabus, exam pattern, strategies, etc. so that all the eligible boys can prepare accordingly and can excel the entrance exam.

Netarhat Awasiya Vidyalaya Exam Pattern

As per the notification, all the students (boys) between 10-12 years can participate in the entrance examination. However, the last date to apply for the Netarhat Awasiya Vidyalaya Exam is 31/08/2023. So, students now get themselves prepare for the release of the admit card i.e. 25/09/2023 onwards. The date of the examination is 08/10/2023. So, it is very important for you to understand the exam paper pattern which is given below-

Netarhat Awasiya Vidyalaya Exam Pattern

Paper pattern-1

The paper 1 has 2 subjects. These two subjects contain both objective (20 marks) and subjective (30 marks) type questions.

Paper pattern-2

The paper 2 has 3 subjects. Out of these three subjects, 1 subject (Mental Ability) contains only objective (30 marks) type questions while other two subjects (Science, General Knowledge) have both objective (15 marks) and subjective (20 marks) type questions.

Netarhat Awasiya Vidyalaya Syllabus for Class 6

If you want to perform well in the exam, then it is very important that you must have the complete knowledge of the syllabus of that particular exam. Similarly, to pass the Netarhat Awasiya Vidyalaya entrance exam, one must have the detailed knowledge of its syllabus. So, all the details related to the syllabus for class 6th exam are listed below-

Hindi Language Syllabus of Netarhat Awasiya Vidyalaya

  1. वर्ण विचार / वर्तनी विवेक
  2. शब्द भेद (स्त्रोत / उत्पत्ति )
  3. पर्याय / विलोम
  4. शब्द विवेक ( शब्द प्रयोग में सूक्षम अंतर )
  5. पद भेद (व्यावहारिक कोटि) की पहचान
  6. पद परिचय
  7. अशुद्ध वाक्यों को शुद्द करना
  8. वाक्य रचनातनतरण (सरल/ संयुक्त / मिश्र )
  9. मुहावरा
  10. लोकोक्तियाँ

Maths Syllabus of Netarhat Awasiya Vidyalaya

  1. Rational Numbers
  2. Both Squares and Square Roots
  3. Both Cubes and Cube Roots
  4. Exponents and Powers
  5. Both Direct and Inverse Proportions
  6. Comparing Quantities (Percentage, Profit and Loss, Discount, both Simple and Compound Interest)
  7. Algebraic Expressions and Identities including Factorization
  8. Linear Equations in One Variable
  9. Understanding Quadrilaterals (Parallelogram, rhombus, rectangle, square, kite)
  10. Mensuration:a)Area of plane figuresb)Surface area and volume of cube, both cuboids and cylinder
  11. Lastly, Data Handling (Bar graph, pie chart, organizing data, probability).

Mental Ability Syllabus of Netarhat Awasiya Vidyalaya

  1. Analogies
  2. Similarities
  3. Differences
  4. Space visualization
  5. Problem-solving
  6. Both Analysis and Judgment
  7. Decision-making
  8. Visual memory
  9. Discrimination
  10. Observation
  11. Relationship
  12. Concepts
  13. Arithmetical reasoning
  14. Both Verbal and figure classification
  15. Arithmetical number series
  16. Abilities to deal with abstract ideas and symbols and their relationships
  17. Both Arithmetical computations and other analytical functions

Science Syllabus of Netarhat Awasiya Vidyalaya

1) Physics Syllabus

Forces and Motion, Heat, Light, both Electricity and Magnetism.

2) Chemistry Syllabus

Matter, Both Atoms and Molecules, Chemical Reactions, Solutions, Acids, Bases and Salts.

3) Biology Syllabus

Living Organisms, Life Processes, Reproduction, Diversity in Living Organisms.

Netarhat Awasiya Vidyalaya General Study Syllabus

  1. Indian History
  2. Indian Geography
  3. Indian Economy
  4. Both Indian Polity and Constitution
  5. Scientific Research
  6. Sports
  7. Current affairs-India/world
  8. Indian Constitution
  9. Both Awards and Honors
  10. Books

1) History Syllabus

  1. The First Cities
  2. New Ideas
  3. The Early States
  4. Both Rural Life and Society
  5. Political Developments
  6. Both New Kings and Kingdoms
  7. Regional Cultures.
  8. The Nationalist Movement
  9. Agriculture

2) Civics/Polity Syllabus

  1. The Constitution
  2. Making a Living
  3. State Government
  4. Unpacking Gender
  5. The Judiciary
  6. Parliamentary Government

3) Geography Syllabus

  • Environment in its totality: natural and human environment
  • Human Environment: settlement, both transport and communication
  • Planet: Earth in the solar system

Netarhat Awasiya Vidyalaya Exam Preparation Tips

Preparation for the examination is very crucial because on this your complete exam performance is depend on. So, any student preparing for any exam do need a strategy or a proper plan, according to which, students can prepare for the exam. Therefore, we have suggested some wonderful yet effective tips for Netarhat Awasiya Vidyalaya Exam.

Netarhar Awasiys Vidyalaya Exam Preparation Tips

1) Understand the Syllabus

The first step in exam preparation is to understand the syllabus completely. The thorough understanding involves identifying key topics, recognizing the pattern of questions, understanding the weightage of each unit. According to this, you can further create a study plan.

2) Effective Time Management

Time management is the backbone of any exam preparation. By dividing sufficient time for each subject, one can easily create a well structured time management policy. This will give you time to prepare for each subject efficiently. Moreover, you will also learn to solve the question in the fastest time.

3) Active Learning

Active learning always keep your mind active and engaging resulting in which you will be able to focus more. Simply, reading for hours does not help you in the preparation. As a result, your learning will become monotonous and you could not be able to concentrate well. So, use active studying strategies like increase the use of flashcards, mind maps, and mnemonic devices. This will help you to increase your retention power.

4) Practice and Regular Revision

“Practice makes a person perfect”

The above mentioned saying is true, specially for the preparation of exams because the more you practice, the more you become perfect. Similarly, if you practice solved papers and previous years solved questions, then you will become more confident for your exam. This is because previous year solved questions and practice papers gives you an idea about the actual exam pattern.

5) Positive Mindset

Lastly, to accomplish any of the above goal, you must have a positive mindset. Positive mind always gives positive energy and this positive energy will always keep you fresh, active and more constructive. So, try to keep yourself calm, composed and always stay cool even when you couldn’t get the success in your exam. Composed attitude will help you to identify your errors, so that you can work on them, and become more capable and ready for the next exam.

How Useful Netarhat Awasiya Vidyalaya Exam Notes Are?

In order to assist you in your preparation for the Netarhat Awasiya Vidyalaya Exam, we have presented some of the sample question papers. So, download them and make your practice more stronger.

Sample Question PapersLinks
Sample paper of 2017-2018Click Here
Sample paper of 2016-2017 Sitting 1Click Here
Sample paper of 2016-2017 Sitting 2Click Here

Netarhat Awasiya Vidyalaya Books

To pass the Netarhat Awasiya Vidyalaya exam with flying colours, you need to practice from a well prepared books. Good books can provide you both relevant and sufficient exercises which helps you in performing better for the exam. So, given below is the recommendation of best book which will help you in preparing for Netarhat Awasiya Vidyalaya entrance exam for class 6.

Best Study Guide for Class 6

The presented book contains 2600+ Chapter-wise questions from all subjects like Science, Maths, General Study, Mental Ability, Hindi. Moreover, this book is useful for class 6th exams. Complete theory is based on the latest syllabus and includes all the updated topics which provides you full coverage. It also helps you to prepare a good strategy by including NCERT textbook theory, so that you can effectively prepare for the exam.

Netarhat Awasiya Vidyalaya Exam FAQs

Q1. What is Netarhat Awasiya Vidyalaya?

Ans. Netarhat Awasiya Vidyalaya is a renowned residential school located in the picturesque Netarhat plateau of Jharkhand. Moreover, it provides quality education to students from Class VI to XII.

Q2. Who is eligible to apply for admission to Netarhat Awasiya Vidyalaya?

Ans. Students (boys) who have completed Class V and meet the age criteria specified by the school are eligible to apply for admission.

Q3. What is the admission process for Netarhat Awasiya Vidyalaya?

Ans. The admission process typically involves a written entrance exam followed by an medical test and document verification. Additionally, the exam assesses students in subjects like Mathematics, English, Science, and General Knowledge.

Q4. Where can I obtain the application form for the entrance exam?

Ans. The application form for the Netarhat Awasiya Vidyalaya entrance exam is usually available on the official website of the school. However, it can also be obtained from the school’s office or designated distribution centers.

Q5. What is the syllabus for the entrance exam?

Ans. The entrance exam syllabus generally covers the topics taught in the previous standard. Moreover, it includes subjects like Mathematics, English, Science, and General Knowledge.

Q6. Is there a specific age limit for applying to Netarhat Awasiya Vidyalaya?

Ans. Yes, the school usually specifies a minimum and maximum age limit for applicants. So, it’s important to check the official notification for the exact age criteria.

Q7. What are the facilities provided at Netarhat Awasiya Vidyalaya?

Ans. Netarhat Awasiya Vidyalaya offers a wide range of facilities including well-equipped classrooms, both libraries and computer labs, sports facilities, hostels, and extracurricular activities.

Q8. Is there a scholarship program available for students at Netarhat Awasiya Vidyalaya?

Ans. Yes, the school often provides both scholarships and financial assistance to meritorious students based on their performance in academics and other activities.

Q9. What is the medium of instruction at Netarhat Awasiya Vidyalaya?

Ans. The medium of instruction at Netarhat Awasiya Vidyalaya is generally in English, although students may also study Hindi and other regional languages.

Q10. Are there any specific dress code or uniform requirements for students at Netarhat Awasiya Vidyalaya?

Ans. Yes, the school usually has a prescribed dress code that students are required to adhere to. However, this information is typically provided along with the admission details.