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Getting access to previous year and memory-based papers can be an invaluable resource for students and exam candidates. These papers, often referred to as question papers or test papers, are essentially past examinations that have been conducted by educational institutions or exam boards. Here are some reasons why obtaining these papers can be highly beneficial:

  1. Understanding Exam Patterns: Previous year papers provide insight into the format and structure of the exam. They help students understand the types of questions asked, the distribution of marks, and the time constraints. This information is crucial for adequate exam preparation, as it allows candidates to tailor their study strategies to the specific requirements of the test. Examcart Blogs provides latest with updated information of Exam Patterns, Syllabus and Processes. We provided previous year papers for all major exam conducting boards such as SSC, HSSC, NABARD, SBI, IBPS, UPSSSC, UPPSC, MPPSC, MPESB, BPSC, BPSSC, HPSC, etc
  2. Assessing Level of Difficulty: By going through past papers, students can gauge the difficulty level of the questions. This helps them determine whether they need to focus more on certain topics or subjects. It also enables them to identify areas where they excel and those that need improvement.
  3. Practicing Time Management: Solving previous year papers under timed conditions is an excellent way to practice time management. It simulates the real exam environment and helps candidates develop strategies for allocating time to different sections or questions.
  4. Testing Knowledge and Skills: Memory-based papers, which are reconstructed based on the recollections of candidates who have recently taken the exam, can be especially valuable. They often contain questions that may not be found in official previous year papers but are still relevant. These papers can help students test their knowledge and adapt to potential variations in the exam content.
  5. Building Confidence: Regularly solving past papers can boost a candidate’s confidence. As they become familiar with the exam format and content, they feel more comfortable on the actual exam day. This can significantly reduce exam anxiety and improve overall performance.
  6. Identifying Weak Areas: Analyzing performance on previous year papers can highlight weak areas that require more attention. This self-assessment is crucial for creating a targeted study plan that focuses on improving specific skills or knowledge gaps.
  7. Tracking Progress: Keeping a record of scores on past papers over time allows candidates to track their progress. This can be motivating and provides a clear indication of whether their preparation is on the right track.

To access previous year and memory-based papers, candidates can check Examcart Blogs. Many websites and apps offer a vast collection of these papers, making it easier for students to incorporate them into their study routines. However, it’s essential to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the papers, especially when relying on memory-based versions, as they may not always be entirely reliable. In conclusion, making the most of these resources can be a game-changer in exam preparation, helping students approach their exams with confidence and a well-rounded understanding of what to expect.


Ans. Previous year papers are question papers from past exams. They are important as they provide insights into the exam format, question types, and difficulty level, helping candidates prepare effectively.

   Ans. You can often find previous year papers on the official website of the exam conducting authority, or you can find previous year papers on our Official Website Examcart Blogs.

Ans. Previous year papers are actual question papers from past exams, while memory-based papers are reconstructed based on candidates’ recollections of recent exams.

Ans. Memory-based papers can be useful for practice but may not always be entirely accurate. It’s advisable to cross-check them with official previous year papers.

Ans. You should solve these papers under timed conditions to simulate the exam environment and analyze your performance. Use them for practice and self-assessment.

Ans. Yes, Examcart Blogs website offer previous year or sample papers for various competitive exams, including SSC, UPSC, and SBI.

Ans. Yes, solutions or answer keys are often available along with previous year papers. They can be helpful for self-assessment and learning from mistakes.

Ans. It’s generally recommended to go back at least a few years, but focusing on more recent papers is essential to stay updated with any changes in the exam pattern.

Ans. While previous year papers are valuable, a well-rounded study plan should include textbooks, reference materials, and mock tests to cover all aspects of the syllabus.

Ans. Using previous year papers for personal study and practice is usually permissible. However, it’s essential to respect copyright laws and avoid distributing or selling them without proper authorization.